Jean-Baptiste & Agathe : Producing Horse Milk in Le Lot


Horse Milk Farm

15 minutes from home, Jean-Baptiste and Agathe are breeding Haflinger horses ( in order to produce high quality horse milk. This is a very narrow market and not very known from people in general. However, horse milk has been used for thousands of years and much appreciated for its intrinsic qualities.

Very similar with human milk, it can be used to feed newborns and has many virtues for every one : it helps to balance the intestinal flora, reduce intestinal inflammations and reinforce our immune system.


How is produced Horse Milk ?

As every rare and sensitive products, a lot of precautions are required to produce horse milk. First of all is to ensure the well-being of the animals at the farm. Jean-Baptiste and Agathe horses live outside all year long in rich prairies and all productions are organic certified. A quality production requires trust from healthy mares. You cannot cheat with that.

Milking starts only when foals reach 2 months old. This is when they diversify their food and get more independant from their mother. Step by step, milking become a daily routine for them, up to three times a day at its peak. Milking last for 5 months untill weaning.

Once harvested, milk is immedialty fresh frozen to -35°C to preserve all its properties and ensure the highest quality standards. This is a very fragile substance that has to be manipulated or transformed as less as possible.


Willing to give it a try ?

We have some products from Agathe & Jean-Baptiste at the farm and we can organize a visit for you during your stay with us !

Jeremy Durand